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Rennet casein, obtained by enzymatic precipitation is made by pasteurizing the skim milk. Renneting takes place with the help of the enzyme chymosin in the rennet. The milk is heated for a short period of time and cooled. Then the rennet is added and the milk takes a gel form. It is cut and the coagulum is stirred while being heated. The high temperature is required to deactivate the enzyme.

Since the production method is difficult and complicated, only quality assured brands can ensure flavour, texture and colour stability which effects the final product at most. Rennet Casein should also be very rich in amino acid for nutritional purpose.


Acid Casein is obtained from skimmed milk by acidification. Acidification of skimmed milk results in precipitation of the casein complex. Acid Casein plays a valuable role in aiding the efficient supply of nutrients and also has a remarkably wide variety of uses. As well as being a valuable additive in nutritional applications, acid casein has a broad range of other food applications due to its emulsifying properties and heat stability. It is used in products such as creamers, cream liqueurs, nutrition bars, beverages and processed or analogue cheese in food category. It is also used in huge range of industrial processes, ranging from paper and paint manufacturing to the cosmetic industry.


High in protein, caseinates are the water-soluble version of caseins. Some of caseinate varieties can provide slow release of amino acids. Our range is suitable for a wide variety of applications including nutritional foods and beverages, food bars, creamers, soups, sauces, whipped toppings, processed or analogue cheeses, cream liqueurs, bakery products and cultured foods.

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